Pitfalls to Avoid When Navigating a Workers Compensation Claim

Most workers compensation cases reach a settlement before the need for a trial before a Workers Compensation Administrative Judge if you have the right lawyer. In most cases, all parties are interested in reaching an agreement before going to the Workers Compensation Appeals Board. Generally a work injury attorney with a highly respected reputation in the workers compensation field can get you the best settlement without the need for expensive trials and appeals.

An effective workers compensation attorney can help you navigate the maze of the system and bring you to a timely resolution. Workers compensation trials are much more time intensive than negotiated settlements; it can take years until a final Award is granted by the court after exhausting appeals. Therefore, settlement negotiations between the injured worker and the defendant are encouraged by the court. There are several pitfalls that need to be avoided when negotiating closure to a work injury case by your workers compensation attorney.

Seinfeld’s Kramer’s Racist Tirade Of Craziness

Michael Richards better know for his character on seinfeld Kramer performing stand up at The Laugh Factory makes some really ridiculous remarks towards a heckler. He goes a little bit too far using the N word. At one point he knows he has gone too far but tries to act as if it is funny, he lost his cool, sad moment for a very funny comedian.
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